Custom Tuning-Specialists in ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning
ECU tuning by the experts, with over 20 years experience in the  performance tuning of engines with today’s complex management systems and the most up to date technologies available in house. We are different to other tuning companies because we actually write our own software (maps) in house, we do not use or outsource any of our map writing, also the sign of a good tuning company is the ability to remove chips from inside the ecu to access the files and remap accordingly, these chips must then be hand soldered back into the ecu which is very difficult to do. Custom Tuning specialise in CHIP TUNING and have the ability to tune lots of cars that most tuning companies cannot tune, ie, pre 2000 and post 2009 (tricore).
Remapping Types
OBD REMAPPING--(stages 1,2 and 3)

TRICORE REMAPPING--(Requires ecu to be removed)

CHIP TUNING--(Requires ecu to be removed)
OBD REMAPPING Stage 1 (vehicles from 2000 to 2009)
This is the easiest way to remap your vehicle for us and is usually the cheapest method; it is done by connecting our tuning tool to the OBD port located within your car and downloading the tuning parts within. We will then open this file with our tuning software and make all the necessary increases where required (for obvious reasons we cannot go deeper into this process) and there can be up to 50 different maps that may need our attention for the removal of flat spots ect.
When we have completed all the necessary changes required we will then upload the new map back into your vehicle through the OBD port. The remap is now complete.

Whatever type of Remap you require we always keep a copy of your original file on our secure database for future reference if the car ever needs to be reverted back to its original state.
TRICORE REMAPPING vehicles late 2009 onwards(requires ecu removal)
With this method we would have to remove the ECU from your vehicle and open it up on the bench, we will then make a simple connection to the circuit board that will bypass the chip protection that has been enabled by the manufacturer, this is something that was introduced in 2009 and implemented on 59 registered cars onwards (we call this tricore protected), we will then perform the same procedure as we do with the OBD remapping. Again there can be up to 50 maps contained within the file. When we have completed this process we will then replace the ecu in the vehicle. The remap is now complete.

We are now finding that the chip protection is getting enabled on some cars that are pre 59 plate when they go into the dealers for any work doing, this maybe due to software updates by the dealers.
CHIP TUNING (chipping-- pre 2000 vehicles requires ecu removal)
This is the most difficult type of ecu remapping for us and usually priced accordingly. With this method we will need to remove the ecu as with the tricore system above, once we have it on the bench we will need to unsolder the chip that contains all the tuning software and use a chip reader/writer to copy all the files that are contained in the chip, we will then make all the necessary changes as with the above methods. When this is complete we will then write maps back to your chip, (some chips are not writable so we would replace with the equivalent that is) we will then reinstall the ecu and the remap is complete.
Areas covered by CUSTOM TUNING

London,Manchester,Macclesfield,Mansfield,Middlesbourgh,Morecombe,Newcastle,Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northallerton, North East,North,West,North,Yorkshire,Nottingham,Oldham,Padiham,Penrith,Peterlee,Pontefract,Preston,Portsmouth,Queensbury,Ripon,Rochdale,Rotherham,Rothwell,Rhyll,
Runcorn, Scarbourgh, Scunthorpe, Settle, Sheffield, Skegness, Skipton, South Shields, South Yorkshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Sutton Coalfield, Southampton, Tadcaster, Thirsk, Todmorden, Wakefield, Wales, West Yorkshire, Wetherby, Windermere, Worksop, Wrexham, York.